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¿How early should the order be made?
Always as soon as possible. We recommend once you know the basic characteristics of the service a reservation is made and when the event approaches the final order, yes, at least 48 hours before delivery.
Is there a minimum order?
There is no minimum service.
How much time can the material be available?
It is really for one day of use, but if there is availability, the material can be available from the day before the next to the event to facilitate assembly and disassembly. The same happens on the weekend, if material is available it can be available from Friday to Monday.
¿How are the products returned?
Dirty but without food or drink and in its packaging.
What does the service include?
Only the use of the material for a certain time.
Do they assemble the material they serve?
It is not included in the price, but if requested you can make the budget.
Do you do transportation?

We have transportation service with no minimum quantity. The price will vary according to the quantity of material, place of delivery, schedules, mileage, etc ... will be valued in each case.

Although logically you can come to find the material at our facilities.

Do you pick up during the event?
Naturally we have a service that we call packaging in which our staff collects the material as they use it. It is usually requested in large services and goes along with our transportation. It allows a more agile service, less breakage and much faster collection. It is charged for each order individually.
Is there a service distance limit?
We act mainly in the area of Catalonia, although we can also transport to Spain under the conditions mentioned above..
I need the material for several events in a row, one season ... Is it possible?
No problem, it will be a personalized budget made according to the material and time.
Do you need to make a deposit or deposit to rent material?
Yes, a deposit must be made as a deposit at the time of payment, which will be returned once all the returned material has been reviewed by means of the payment method specified with the customer.
Payment Methods?

- In cash upon delivery of the material.

- By bank transfer at least 1 day before the delivery of the material.

- By credit card, in person or remotely.

And if it breaks or loses anything?
Whenever a broken or damaged item is missing or coming that makes it impossible to re-rent it in optimal conditions, the customer is billed.
Can you advise me at the place of the event?
No problem, if you need it, a commercial will visit you in the space where the event will take place. It will help you in the planning, design and logistics of the event.

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